Land Use Planning

DeLisi, Inc. is a Florida-based land use planning consulting firm experienced in community planning, visioning and private sector land use entitlements. Daniel DeLisi, the Principal Planner has been the lead planning consultant and has served as an expert witness for visioning processes, development permits, and redevelopment plans throughout Florida. He received his Master in City Planning from MIT, where his training in mediation and consensus building has helped facilitate plans that have been recognized state wide. DeLisi has been a speaker at conferences throughout the United States on planning, land entitlement, and property due diligence.

Selected Clients

  • Stock Development
  • D.R. Horton
  • Miromar Development Corporation
  • Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) - Orlando International Airport
  • Medallion Homes
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Com-Terra Development
  • Pan-American Development
  • Small Brothers/Cleveland Construction
  • T&R Development
  • Bryan Paul Citrus
  • Moore, Bowman and Reese

Services Provided

Zoning, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Expert Witness Testimony